Dear creditor or student

We have provided various reports, notices and frequently asked questions to assist you with queries you may have in relation to the liquidation of Hands on Computer Training International Pty Ltd Trading as Australian Institute of Commerce and Technology (AICT) (in Liquidation) ACN: 087 683 216.



Melanie Grohovaz



Reports and notices

initial notice to Creditors


Statutory Report by Liquidator

If you are a creditor you may download the Notice to Creditors.

Statutory Report by Liquidator & Appendix C. Please note that the password to open this report and the attachments has been sent to all creditors. If you are a creditor and have not received the password please contact us.


Electronic Notices and correspondence

Q. Can you send me notices and correspondence by email?

A. Yes, provided you complete the required authorizations which is included in the these links for Companies and for Students

Student Fees

Q. I paid my fees upfront and I have not completed my course. What do I do about getting a refund?

A. Currently there are no funds available to pay refunds however, you are entitled to claim the shortfall as an unsecured creditor. Please refer to the Proof of Debt section below for the form.

Available Funds

Q. How will I know if funds become available to pay refunds and other unsecured creditors?

A. You will receive a notice from the liquidator. The liquidator is also required to send a report to creditors within 3 months of appointment. If you would like to receive notices and correspondence by email please complete the required authorizations per the link above.

Assessments and certificates

Q. How do I access missing training assessments and certificates?

A. You should be able to access your certificate using this link:

COmpleting your course

Q. What do I do about completing my course?

A. AICT previously sent an email to students advising them of options for training providers which provide the same or similar courses. You will need to enroll into the program which best fits your course requirements.

Proof of Debt

Q. How to I go about recording my proof of debt?

A. You can download and complete the Proof of Debt form. Please email the completed form to the Liquidator at